CLASSIC DUSTY This new album-as-books print transforms Dusty Springfield's marvellous 1969 album 'Dusty In Memphis' into wonderfully evocative Penguin Books. It's available now from our online shop here.
HERE IS THE NEWS Imagine how much more splendid life would be if the evening news on the BBC was read by Noël Coward. This wonderful make-believe memorabilia poster is available from our online shop here.
TALKING HEADS FANDOM A twist on our albums-as-books prints, this pile of school textbooks has been graffitied in typical fashion to list all the tracks on the Talking Heads album Stop Making Sense (the extended soundtrack album, to be precise). If you're as big a Heads-head as this, why not buy yourself one here.
NOBEL PRIZE-WORTHY LITERATURE The latest in our series of Bob Dylan albums reimagined as Penguin Books is his 1976 disc 'Desire'. You can see more and order a print for yourself in here.
CARRY ON AVANT GARDE ARTISTS What if the stars of the classic 'Carry On' comedy films of the 1950s and 1960s had been highly-respected modernist artists in their spare time? These new, highly unique prints act as vintage publicity posters for exhibitions of art by Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams and other comedy geniuses. Ideal gifts for fans of British humour, you can find them all here.

BRITPOP GOES BOOKS This new album-as-books print transforms the songs of Blur's wonderful '13' into classic Penguin paperback novels. The print is available here.

NEW WAVE LITERATURE What if The Jam had been a collective of radical novelists instead of a rock group? This print shows their album 'Sound Affects' reimagined as a collection of paperback novels. See this print in the Albums As Books section. It's also available to buy here.
VIVE LA MIDDLE CLASS REVOLUTION Have a look at the first set of prints created for our new spin-off shop Non-Standard Designs, taking the style of Paris May 1968 protest posrers and turning it 180 degrees to celebrate the somewhat less important aspects of middle class living. You can see the whole set in the Lots Of Posters section, and they're also all available to buy here.
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