NEW PRINT FOR 2017 Imagine if Thom Yorke of Radiohead had decided to become a novelist instead of a musician. Here's how his debut solo album 'The Eraser' might have turned out - as a collection of books instead of songs. This print is available here.

NEW WAVE LITERATURE What if The Jam had been a collective of radical novelists instead of a rock group? This print shows their album 'Sound Affects' reimagined as a collection of paperback novels. See this print in the Albums As Books section. It's also available to buy here.
VIVE LA MIDDLE CLASS REVOLUTION Have a look at the first set of prints created for our new spin-off shop Non-Standard Designs, taking the style of May 1968 Paris protest posters and turning it 180 degrees to celebrate the somewhat less important aspects of middle class life. You can see them in the Lots Of Posters section, and they're available to buy here.
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