Atlantic Rock

On a recent trip to the west of Ireland I photographed these rocks. Geologists and any of you who, unlike me, paid attention during double-geography will instantly know all there is to know about these marvels of nature. Thankfully, as a result of my resulting ignorance, I get to see them as an artist, and idly relate them to paintings. Loosely.

Rock (Ben Nicholson)

Ben Nicholson (obviously)


Rock (Therese Oulton)

Add a green and a reddish-brown and you've got an early Thérèse Oulton.


Rock (Matta)

Matta, or possibly John Tunnard.


Rock (Clyfford Still) 

How Clyfford Still started every one of his paintings.


Rock (Dubuffet)

That weird wibbly-wobbly phase Jean Dubuffet went through at the end of the '50s/start of the '60s.

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