New Print: Punk Piano Chords Music Poster

Sideburns Punk Fanzine drawing

In December 1976 Sideburns, a fanzine put together by and for the group The Stranglers, featured this now-famous graphic. All you needed was three chords, and you could start a band. It absolutely epitomised punk's DIY, sod-the-system ethos and remains a source of great inspiration and encouragement.

Punk may be dead (there, I've said it), but its spirit must live on, and not just on the guitar. Believing as I do that the creative spark must be allowed to find its own weird form and not be forced to follow historically entrenched trains of thought, I've transposed the Sideburns graphic into the very un-punk world of classical music:punk rock piano chords poster

It's partly a parody, sure, but with the arts increasingly becoming the preserve of a privileged few, not only in terms of the audience but those who practise (and are allowed to practise), it's a reminder that the arts need life kicked into them every so often. Put this print on your wall and you might end up being just the person to do that. Good luck.

The print is available here. Oh and here's another punk parody print to put in your basket too.

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